Be Thankful For What We’re Not

Everybody likes to complain all the time about how much our team is struggling. It seems like a favorite pastime for everybody, as if none of these teams bothered supporting teams when they were rubbish.

I’m not going to lie. In my time of supporting Arsenal, they have always been a great club. It wasn’t a bandwagon issue; I was trying to follow the careers of one Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira after the 1998 World Cup. That’s how I chose this club, and if anybody is not satisfied with that, then that’s on them. It never concerns me if somebody calls me a bandwagon fan, cause I know that’s patently not true.

In my life, I’m sure I will experience a team without Arsene Wenger at the helm. That scares me a little bit, but it also means that he’ll have left it on sound footing. His influence is such that it has permanently imprinted class onto the Arsenal brand name. That cannot be ignored, especially when there was a period of football where the SCUM were considered the great entertainers. By stealing their thunder, these SCUM fans are more bitter than ever. Their current pawn shop approach to football is laughable at best, but their supporters are even more laughable.

This club rarely produces any youngsters of note. Buys the wrong Southampton players (Walcott v. Bale), the wrong Ivory Coast international (Zokora, I bet we were never interested in the player, even though he says Wenger called him), the wrong managers consistently (they even sometimes get rid of half-decent ones), and the list goes on.

We are not the SCUM, and we have to be very thankful for that.

We do not buy players to plug into positions. We buy gifted footballers who can blend into our team.

We do not let our players hold us ransom and completely ruin the momentum of our squad.

We do not roll over and die.

We do not buy useless forwards.

We do not have a stadium located three miles from the nearest Tube station.

We do not have a betting company as our sponsor.

We are not the SCUM, and we have to be VERY thankful for that.

Victoria Concordia Crescit, never forget it.

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