Scum vs. AFC

Which doesn’t belong and why?

A) Pascal Chimbonda 
B) Michael Dawson 
C) Harry Redknapp 
D) Wade Elliot
E) They all belong    

Top marks if you chose E. You could be forgiven if you picked D but they have all gone on record as being eager to face Arsenal. 

I say be careful what you wish for. 

I love playing Scum and if we get them in the cups, all the better. I didn’t see the home fixture this season. I was in the American Midwest. I was away from any football news – imagine how I felt receiving text updates of that match. Once I’d read the final text of the final score I nearly smashed my phone.

After seeing Portsmouth and Villa’s performances yesterday, I can hardly wait for kick off. A great man said this week, “Enough is enough.” I echo that. It’s time to put up a solid performance and remind the nay sayers, including the glass half empty Gooners, that we are The Arsenal.

I often get the feeling that some Gooners are afraid to play Scum. They are afraid we could lose. They are afraid we could be ambarassed. Ridiculous! It’s time to put things right. 


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