West Ham at the Emirates

Tomorrow, it’s West Ham.

Let me take a moment to salute them for a little bit.  They’re on good form, they’re playing football, and they’ve given Zola the breathing room he thoroughly deserves.  Obviously, I’m no fan of Chelsea, but Zola was brilliant.  I was surprised and didn’t think he’d work out, but I’m pleased that he’s making things happen.

So, to that end, let me tell you teams that I enjoy watching more than other teams in the Premier League.

West Ham – They recently bought this 19 year old, black German named Nsereko for a fee rumored to be around 5 million pounds.  I heard that fee in itself was inflated, but here’s West Ham buying a kid from Brescia, a kid who hasn’t played in top league football.  Why do I feel like this kid will be a tremendous success in this league?  To be fair, the video I have seen on him isn’t overly impressive, but we’ll see.  I admire them, because they play football.

Fulham – I have a soft spot for Roy Hodgson.  He reminds me of a professor in college.  Of course, he’s not THE Professor (Arsene Wenger, may he never die), but his team tries to play.  They’ve sold Bullard, and that may affect them.  I hope they stay up.

Wigan – Steve Bruce reminds me of a fat lesbian.  I don’t have anything against lesbians.  In fact, there are too many times when I’ve found a girl to be really interesting and an awesome person, and they turn out to be lesbians.  Steve Bruce is the matronly lesbian.  Imagine him on Flamini’s couch, asking Mathieu to play for Birmingham.  MF: Would you like some tea?  SB (with his hands cupped together in his lap):  Um…  yes… I’d like that… maybe with some milk…  thank you.  Joe Kinnear would be the angry, drunk, macho lesbian in this couple.  Steve Bruce has been a failure before, and he certainly didn’t need to comment on the Eduardo disaster (he tried to absolve “Tiny”), but he’s doing well now.  His team works hard without crossing the edge, and he has a player now that Real Madrid is willing to pay 15 million euros for.  He’s doing something right.

West Brom – They’re doomed, but they try.  And Mowbray straight out said, “Aston Villa is not interested in playing football.”

Which brings me to my main point.

Aston Villa is a team that is being anointed by the English media as the saviors.  Now, they are being considered contenders for the title.

In fact, I acknowledge that they may make it to the Champions League (not at our loss of course, I’m thinking Liverpool and Chelsea are not as safe as people think), but they will not represent England well.

Everton tried, and they were promptly destroyed by Villarreal. Aston Villa utilize their one plus asset, which is Agbonlahor’s and Ashley Young’s pace. For Agbonlahor, his pace is his only quality. He’s Theo Walcott without skills. He’s a quarter of the player Bendtner is.

If we had half the luck that Aston Villa has had this year, if we had half that luck last year, we would have won the title by five points.

When the bottom falls out, when they get screwed, somewhere, a great man will laugh loud and hard.

I acknowledge that freshness is a vital component for the good of football, but please not Aston Villa.  They don’t play football, they play for results.  

Somewhere along the lines, this new breed of fan became obsessed with just winning, and not necessarily in winning with style.

I blame Greece for that.

West Ham is a much more interesting team than Aston Villa. 

Tomorrow, they may play without verve.  They may even squeak out a result.

But Robin van Persie and Zola are great men.

That’s all I have to say about that.


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