The Seed of Joy

My rollercoaster weekend has gone from despair to joy. I’ve spent over 13 hours working on two reports for work that are due this coming week. I am running out of time. Extensions are not an option. Just like Arsenal.

I woke up this morning at 6am. After washing up and having a quick bite, I headed for the computer. I stayed at it for the next 7 hours. After yesterday’s disappointing result, I needed something to take my mind off what was heading towards further gloom. The beach was not an option so I got to work in earnest. Woe!

But wait, the weather experts had predicted a storm. The sun even shone briefly as I typed. No storm!

I anticipated a difficult task in completing the reports and would have settled for getting through just one. I breezed through the first and attacked the second. No difficulty!

While typing, I would check periodically for the Villa/Stoke score. At 1-0 I started to feel down again.

I just continued typing.

A little later I checked again; 2-0. FUCK!

I finished both reports and turned on my phone to check messages before posting. Time was beginning to look a little more amenable at that point, even if the disappointment of yesterday’s result was still fresh. It wasn’t yet 2pm and I could still get out and enjoy my “weekend”. Of course I couldn’t rewind and will RvP to score but things were looking up.

What happened next is the stuff of dreams. It is the good omen that superstitious people look for. It is the seed of glory that could bloom in the next few weeks into a beautiful flower of success or if flowers aren’t your thing, a tall shade tree in the front yard and if you don’t have a front yard, a green leafy…you get the point.

A top mate and a great man sent me two texts.

The first did nothing to make me feel any better but considering the topic – Spurs vs. United in the Carling Cup – I wasn’t going to get much joy anyway. By now, you know my feelings about those two clubs so I won’t bore you.

The next text made up for the weekend lost to work, the less than spectacular weather, and best of all, the disappointing result.

Villa 2 Stoke 2.

We’ve been granted an extension.


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