Who’s Jumping Now?


Last night a mediocre Aston Villa lost 2-0 to an injury hit Manchester City. Arsenal are now 3 points behind Villa in the race for 4th spot in the Premiership. On Sunday morning, I like many other Arsenal fans, thought that by the end of the weekend, Villa would be 8 points ahead. So to be only 3 points behind them is massive.

The photograph above represents the exact moment when I was at my lowest this season. Villa had just scored a last minute equalizer against Arsenal after the Gunners had led 2-0. Throughout that game, Martin O’Neill was jumping up and down the touchline like an over-excited contestant on The Price Is Right.

Usually his sleeves are rolled up to his elbows – Is it a subconscious message to his team? Or is he getting ready to fix the toilet at half-time?

O’Neill has the same fashion sense of Brian Clough. The look of tramps.

Both men were at Nottingham Forest together and judging by O’Neill’s attire it shows. On match days, Clough and O’Neill like to wear old looking sweat shirts from the local thrift store. You know the tops. They’re also worn by the homeless beggar who sits outside of one of London’s many tube stations, asking you for change while sipping on a big can of cider.

But then there’s O’Neill’s enthusiasm, which rubs off on to his players like some tarts cheap perfume. Villa fans and the media love O’Neil’s enthusiasm. They call it infectious. I call it annoying. It’s similar to the enthusiasm shown by the losers that celebrate getting a question right on Trivia night. They think they are really cool by having a team name like the Brainiacs and trying to relive their college drinking days. Here’s my message to them: Get a life you sad fucks.

Trivia night is not the Oscars and O’Neill is not Arsene Wenger.

At one point during that 2-2 Villa game, O’Neill violently confronted Wenger. It was like watching a teenager getting fresh, then backing down after realizing he was out of his league. Pathetic.

I will always remember the Villa game for the wrong reasons. Agbonlahor diving and constantly moaning to the referee. The commentator always reminding me that Villa are the better team because they hit the bar and the post and had a shot cleared of the line. The Villa crowd taunting Wenger.

However, O’Neill’s leaping celebrations will stand out the most. It shows no class. But then he’s a tramp so what did I expect?

Here’s a trivia question for O’Neill.

This time three years ago what league position did Arsenal occupy?


And where did they finish?


Like I said, trivia night is not the Oscars and Martin O’Neill is not Arsene Wenger.


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