Rouge International

A certain left fullback who plays for a London rival was arrested early last Thursday morning. The drunk England international was taken in after shouting expletives at policemen. Although he apologized later for his behavior, I don’t think it’s inaccurate to say that the England international’s actions were unlike that of any Arsenal player during the Wenger era.

I could criticize the England international player until I run out of words but I won’t. Judging from past history, he isn’t a very intelligent or a man of much character. And I remember a few years back when a teammate of said England international, an England international himself, was “roughed up” and left shirtless in the early morning hours by the boyfriend of a Page 3 model.

Not that ours are saints but I cannot remember too many such incidents involving Arsenal players. Quincy was once involved in what was called a brawl but I don’t believe he was arrested – please correct me if I’m wrong. Robin van Persie was locked up in Holland for a short time but eventually set free after it was proven that he’d been set up. Charges were dropped. Armand Traore got into a bit of trouble for arming himself (with a knuckle duster) on a trip to watch the derby at White Hart Lane. He was not arrested.

There is a striking contrast between Theo Walcott and the rogue England international. To date, Theo’s only character flaw is that he hasn’t developed a bit more steel – an edge if you’d like to make himself tougher. Otherwise, he seems like a very well mannered and polite young man with what could be a fantastic future. Some call him our Golden Boy. He is in many ways the opposite of the aforementioned rogue rival.

Back to the England international who incidentally is an ex Arsenal player, in case you didn’t already know. I ask the following:

Who’s a bigger clown, foul-mouthed arrested left back or the maligned Manou Eboue?

Do you regret that foul-mouthed arrested left back left our club?

Would you want your child to look up to foul-mouthed arrested left back?

How would you take your daughter wanting to marry foul-mouthed arrested left back?

Consider that in William Gallas and Manou Eboue, we have two players who are as unpopular if not as hated by our own fan as any in recent history. Yet it is the foul-mouthed England international who shames his club with behavior that would seem very out of character for our former captain or boo boy Eboue.

In fairness, things could be a lot worse for us on and off the field. Golden Boy is back from injury and could end up facing Ashley Cole at some point in the very near future, with much at stake.


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