Now Let’s Concentrate on the Premiership

The last time Arsenal scored a goal in the first half of a home Premiership match was last year. Arsenal didn’t win, instead they drew 1-1.

Arsenal should have won that game but Robbie Keane equalized for Liverpool and thus ended Arsenal’s slim title hopes. It was also the last time that Cesc Fabregas played for Arsenal.

I hate Liverpool. Last seasons Champions League quarter-final defeat still pains me. There are many more similar games like it. We always have the better of the play against them, but get caught by Liverpool’s counter-attacking sucker punch.

I also hate the way Liverpool play. It’s like a military operation rather than a ballet performance. I’m indifferent about their game against Manchester United on Saturday. It’s a result that I couldn’t care less about.

My thoughts are on Arsenal’s game against Blackburn Rovers.

I would love to see Blackburn go down. I traveled to Blackburn on Christmas Eve 1998. I went to a nightclub above a parking lot. The nightclub was huge but the rest of Blackburn wasn’t.

It was a ghost town.

Blackburn is not a city. It’s too small. Apart from the nightclub, there was nothing else going on in Blackburn. And as for the weather in Blackburn, forget about it. Blackburn makes dreary Cleveland look like Miami. It always rains there and never has a summer.

The place is a hole.

Racially the town is divided. Whites stick with whites and 3rd generation Pakistani’s stick with 3rd generation Pakistani’s. The nightclub represented this. It had two massive rooms. In one room techno music played. White guys on ecstasy would sweat away, with their jaws having gone AWOL and their eyes as large as the moon. In the other room popular hits of the day were being played. Pakistani boys with northern accents were downing pints of lagers and hitting on anything that walked their way. It was a strange place.

You could buy fish and chips there. I’ve never been to a club where you can buy fish and chips. Pop a pill, dab some speed, down a pint, pull a dog or as a last resort – eat fish and chips.

That’s Blackburn.

I couldn’t wait to leave.

That season 1998/99 Blackburn Rovers under Brian Kidd were relegated. I was a happy man. However, they soon returned like an old hemorrhoid on your crack cheek. Playing long, painful, brutal, football. Even when they won the Premiership they played this style of football.

Now that they have Sam Allardyce in charge, their style will just get worse.

The last time Arsenal won at home in the Premiership was January 10th. Two months ago. I just hope that after Wednesday night Arsenal have the motivation and energy to beat Blackburn.

I know I will be up for it but then I am a fan. And this brings me to my next point. Aston Villa versus Spurs on Sunday.

Spurs fans will want Villa to win on Sunday to stop us from getting into the Champions League next season. Even though they are in a relegation battle, they would still rather lose. That’s how much they hate Arsenal.

The Spurs manager Harry Redknapp looks at the game differently.

He hates Villa fans. He hates them because of the abuse he received at Villa Park after his arrest last season for corruption.

“There were people behind me shouting filth,” Redknapp responded after taunting Villa fans with three fingers after his Portsmouth team had just won 3-1. He then had the ignominy of running to the Portsmouth team bus to avoid the waiting Villa hate mob.

Unfortunately, in his haste, Redknapp missed a step and tripped, stumbling into the bus much to the delight of Villa’s baying fans.

In the Premier League this season, Portsmouth drew 0-0 at Villa Park. Redknapp endured more abuse. This time a coin was thrown by a Villa fan, which injured assistant referee Phil Sharp. The coin was aimed for Redknapp.

Redknapp will want to beat Villa and nothing will give him more satisfaction than seeing Villa fans watch their team throw away 4th place on Sunday.


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