Welcome to Hull

Phil Brown is a disciple of Sam Allardyce.

The very fact that a manager like Sam Allardyce can have disciples is a discomforting thought.

That being said, his teams don’t cross a severe line like Allardyce’s teams often do. He was given credit for playing “attacking” football against us at the Emirates shocker earlier this year.

He is a man who is above his own club.

He is not a manager I would like to play for.

During a game, he had his halftime team talk with his team out on the field. I don’t know what the purpose of this was, other than perhaps humiliate his team in front of the entire world. He succeeded.

From that moment, they’ve gone from the darlings of the Premier League to desperately fighting relegation.

In his spats with Geovanni, who has subsequently been rejuvenated by a goal and the prospect of facing us at the Emirates again, he lashed out at Geovanni’s poor attitude and once joked that he wished Geovanni would test “positive” on his drug test.

This is not a man who inspires, although you could say that he has.

He is a man who looks like a porn manager and wears gaudy coats.

They are a team who relies on set pieces (notably Michael Turner) and flashes of genius by Geovanni (who has more clunkers than flashes of genius).

I was mindful of this team once, but now I just want to see Phil Brown defeated as much as possible.


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