Wembley Here We Come

A resurgent Arsenal has booked a very tasty semi-final FA Cup tie vs. Chelsea. Robin van Persie and William ‘Focus’ Gallas have crushed Phil Brown’s dream of a second victory at the Emirates Stadium in as many attempts. But a spitting incident has allegedly taken place in the tunnel after the match. The victory has shared headlines with accusations by the Hull City manager that Cesc Fabregas has spit at his assistant Brian Horton, but to be clear, the real story is that Arsenal are going to Wembley.

We can discuss the tie at a later date. Let’s look at our injured captain. He has shown a petulant streak in the past with Pizzagate and the post-match punch to the stomach of the despicable Teddy Sheringham – legendary stuff! We’ve seen him mature over the past five seasons yet he remains a real fighter. As they say in America, the kid’s got grapefruits.

And now the porn star double with bad fashion sense has accused Cesc of spitting at the feet of the Hull City Assistant Manager. Cesc has denied the allegations. I’ve seen the seething Phil Brown attempt to state his case to the media after the very bitter, difficult defeat. He was not convincing. He was obviously a beaten man, much like his former mentor Sam Allardyce was last weekend.

Remember in The Godfather when Michael Corleone went on that killing spree to rub out his family’s enemies? After blanking Blackburn on Saturday and now seeing the anger ooze out of Phil Brown, I feel we’ve closed a few accounts ourselves.

I cannot condone humans spitting at other humans. I will not accept such boorish behavior, especially not from my captain. But let’s suppose that Phil Brown isn’t a lying sac of pig shit and that Cesc did spit. My question then is why did Brian Horton’s feet get in the way of Cesc’s saliva? And if Cesc really wanted to spit at anyone, wouldn’t he spit at the wannabe porn star instead?

Reporters asked Phil Brown what precipitated the alleged spitting row. He couldn’t say, yet he “witnessed” it. Phil Brown is a liar. End of.

We’re going to Wembley. Hull City are not.

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