Arsenal International Players

Obviously, international break can be a drag at times. Following a football club is such an immersive experience that when a two week break comes along, it feels a bit like a lull. Some dub it the “interlull.” While I crave all things Arsenal, I do admire and follow international football. And I do follow what the Arsenal players do for their international teams.

In the World Cup, along with France and South Korea, I tend to root for players to excel with their country. That won’t necessarily extend beyond supporting the single player, but it’s a good way to familiarize yourself with players from different countries and help you get more information.

In the 2006 World Cup, I had vivid memories of actually cheering Philippe Senderos to do well (but not well enough to beat South Korea). He scored a header and subsequently gashed his head open in the process of doing it. That goal effectively ended South Korea’s tournament, but I was happy for Philippe nonetheless.

I can only hope that performing on a grand stage helps to give players confidence and more faith in their own abilities.

After Cesc won the Euros with Spain (Cesc hasn’t received nearly as much credit for this as he deserves), you could sense that he wanted more success and that he wanted that success to be with Arsenal. Unfortunately, this season hasn’t been his best, due to the combination of injuries and a lack of preparation time. But, in time, these performances away from Arsenal will only benefit us.

We consistently have many players out for these international breaks. Yes, we sweat on their fitness. But, we also must understand what a proud duty it is that these players are doing. I don’t have a problem with breaks concerning qualifiers, in fact, I think all top footballers should play for their country.

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