Stan Kroenke Doesn’t Care About Avalanche Fans

Stan Kroenke owns 20% of Arsenal. He is also the owner of the Denver Nuggets basketball team and the Colorado Avalanche ice hockey team.

Businessmen that own more than one professional sports team worry me. Money seems to be their motive. To be and stay successful in any sport you need money. Avalanche fans feel that they were ignored financially by Kroenke in favor of the Denver Nuggets. Kroenke is a huge basketball fan so the Denver Nuggets will always take priority over the Avalanche. But where do Arsenal lie in Kroenke’s list of priorities? Will Arsenal be just a hobby or play thing?

I am not asking for an owner who is a fan – look at Mike Ashley at Newcastle United and what a mess he has made of that club. I do not desire a Mark Cuban type of owner, who is too enthusiastic to the extent of being brash, loud and obnoxious. Owners and directors need to keep a low profile.

I just hope that this power struggle at Arsenal is resolved with the right people running the club. It does worry me as to what direction Arsenal are heading into.

The key to this saga is the woman below who can sell her 15.8% shares to whom ever she wants. In exchange for millions of pounds of course. Usmanov or Kroenke. The battle continues.

Over to you Lady Nina.


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