Manchester City

The last time we played against Manchester City in the League, I found myself largely indifferent. That’s actually saying something, considering how much I live and breathe for The Arsenal.

I was convinced that the media’s crucifixion of William Gallas had been completed, and that his days as an Arsenal player were numbered.

On that day, I saw zero leadership on the pitch. Manuel Almunia hadn’t yet shed his timidness, and Gavin Hoyte actually played for us in defense.

We were comprehensively outplayed, with one superb moment from Robson de Souza. The result could have been worse, but psychologically, that had to be one of the lowest moments for Arsenal in the past few years.

Tomorrow, we have indeed come full circle.

Gallas has stuck around and delivered world class performances. Cesc has returned from his injury spell as the captain of the club. We are finally in a decent run of form, and Manchester City aren’t a very good team away from home.

Manchester City’s best player this year has been Stephen Ireland. A few days ago, it was expected that Robinho would miss the game and Ireland would start. Now, the situation has been reversed, and that can only help our cause.

The only real problem being Shay Given’s propensity towards playing out of his skin when facing us. He can singlehandedly earn a point for Manchester City, but methinks Cesc’s first appearance in nearly three months will rejuvenate the squad.

We need to carry the consistent form we’ve shown in the league. Due to our difficult finish to the season, the race for fourth isn’t finished yet by any means. But each point we gain on Villa is multiplied ten-fold for them.

We’ll see just what Adebayor and Cesc can provide for our team tomorrow.

PS I am salivating at the idea of Cesc and Arshavin playing together.


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