Appreciate William Gallas

As soon as I saw the replays, I knew he was finished for the year. In fact, I immediately texted a great man those words. I don’t think he knew what it really meant, seeing as he was watching the game on tape delay later. Naturally, some people blamed Alex Song for it, but it was the type of injury that can happen in football. Accidents happen. We can accept such things, even if we think it is unlucky.

When Rossi landed on Gallas, Rossi immediately sprung up and waved for the stretcher. He knew what happened. Rossi was also involved with Almunia in the early part of the game, crashing into him while chasing a ball. Rossi is not a dirty player, and he’s actually quite good (even if he should play for the United States). So, seeing his requests, I knew Gallas was down for the count.

The remarkable thing about Gallas on Tuesday was this. Yes, he was carried off the field. Yet, almost one minute later, he re-entered the pitch and defended against a Villarreal attack. He was clearly hobbled and injured, as he chased down the ball. That being said, he was still in the right position and he cut off the channel. After that, he collapsed onto the ground and was substituted off. After a few moments of early jitters, Djourou did well enough and Kolo turned into the mountain of a defender he can be. Kolo probably put in his best performance of the year, and that is a welcome sign knowing that Gallas will be missing from here on out.

Most people think Gallas is off. Myles Palmer has stated that a deal to Marseille is already finished and that we’ll be signing Sebastien Bassong from Newcastle. Arseblog likes to speculate that Gallas might have played his last game for us. Arsene meanwhile has come out and stated that he will be back. I like Bassong, I think he’s a good prospect and he won’t need to adapt to the English Premier League. We are also rumored to be interested in Sakho from Paris St. Germain. These are good things to hear, being that the defense is probably the only element of our squad we need to beef up. That being said, I would be thrilled to see Gallas stick around.

William Gallas is a warrior. William Gallas is a man who only cares about winning. William Gallas helped right the good ship Arsenal this year when everybody was prepared to cast him off as a cancer. William Gallas is a Gunner.

Just a small note about Wigan. They will be without Lee Cattermole, and this will affect their game. They will use Michael Brown and Watson to fill the center of the midfield. They will want to win tomorrow as they want to finish 7th. We will be tired, but the one player who will be ready is Andrey Arshavin.

Arshavin said yesterday that he loves our club. Andrey Arshavin is a Gunner.


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