Phil Brown, Myles Palmer, and The Gooner

Monday night was my definition of a dilemma.

Aston Villa were playing Hull City.

I hate both teams mainly because of their managers, especially with regards to Hull.

Phil Brown has got to be the most obnoxious manager ever – the Sarah Palin of football. He alone is why I would love to see Hull City relegated this season. So when Villa finally won a game after 13 attempts, I found myself smiling. Why? Because Hull lost again and haven’t won a game since the beginning of March – nine games ago. They are in serious relegation trouble. Only three points from the drop.

How I would laugh if they were relegated. The signing of 30 year old Jimmy Bullard for 5 million is a joke, especially since he won’t play again until October.

Phil Brown is a mug.

Tuesday was a nightmare. I woke up buzzing, expecting an exciting match. What I got was horrible. Luckily, I decided to watch the game at home with the sound off. I can’t stand ESPN’s co-commentator Tommy Smyth. It’s a shame he wasn’t infected with swine flu because football and the world would be a better place.

The game was over after 10 minutes. The rest of the game was torture. I stayed and watched in hope, telling myself that games like this only occur once a decade. Where there is a sickening defeat, like Tuesday, there is also a great win due upon us.

I think that Arsenal have done very well this season. How many clubs have had the injuries to key players that Arsenal have had? Gallas, Rosicky, Cesc, Almunia, Eduardo, van Persie, Walcott, Clichy, Sagna, Adebayor.

Answer: Not many.

Add a change of captaincy mid season and then tell me if a team like Liverpool would finish in the top four, reach two semi-finals and one quarter-final.

Wednesday: I find myself in a rowdy bar full of American Chelsea fans. By half-time, most Chelsea fans are hammered thinking they were off to Rome. What was really strange was the lack of singing. There was none! Then I found out that not one of the American Chelsea fans know of any songs. They just drank light beer and cheap shots only to choke in disbelief right at the death.

It was hilarious and made me feel better about Tuesday.

Thursday: I decide to read some of the reaction about Arsenal’s defeat to Moan U. There’s a lot of opinion. The Gooner says that Pat Rice needs to go. They recommend George Graham as Wenger’s right-hand man! Get a grip!

Myles Palmer – I would like to meet this man one on one – says that he was right all along, Arsenal will never win the Champions League with Wenger. All the other blogs go on about how Arsenal need to buy experience and stop being stingy.

I got bored so I clicked on Big and Busty Dutch Girls. It was better than any dross written by Myles Palmer or The Gooner. I recommend it, especially after a week like this one.

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