Cheats never prosper.

However, Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo do.

Two dives, two free kicks awarded, and two goals scored against Arsenal.

The first dive resulted in putting Manchester United 2-0 ahead and effectively ended Arsenal’s season.

The second dive by Drogba led to Chelsea’s first goal – against the run of play – with Chelsea eventually drubbing Arsenal 4-1.

Isn’t it about time that diving was punished? FIFA should make the different football associations use technology and punish cheats after the game has concluded with heavy fines and suspensions. Take Drogba’s dive, that should carry a 10 match ban, resulting in him missing the FA cup final. Ronaldo should miss all of the group stages for next season’s Champions League.

Adebayor’s pathetic dives against Chelsea should also be given similar punishment. I would even go so far as use the Lie Detector Test against those who plead innocence. It’s used in a court of law, so why not by the Football Association.

But when has FIFA been a pioneer? Never.

Goal line technology is too much for them even though NASA has filmed – live – men walking on the moon since the 1960’s. FIFA is keeping football in the Stone Ages.

In the World Cup next summer, if a player is caught diving he should miss the rest of the tournament. The punishment sends a message out and will cut out the cheating.

I hate divers. Ask any die hard American football fan what he/she hates about “soccer” and he/she will tell you it’s the diving.

FIFA needs to start making steps to eradicate it.


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