It’s Not Easy

I’ve just read an article by a Yank who’s baffled by those who call Arsenal a club in crisis. In the article – – he lists a number of teams from different American sports that have gone through lean periods that make Arsenal’s four seasons without a trophy a laughable comparison.

I am extremely frustrated that we have fallen short again this season. Read my posts and you’ll understand how much it hurts. That United have bested us yet again is torturous. The fans who have called for Wenger’s dismissal – those whom we call The Negatives – won’t change. The anti-Wenger brigade will not change. They want to see silverware at any cost. Hence the “crisis”.

To say that a large number of our fans have become impatient is an understatement. As a non-betting man I would put down a large sum that Arsene will get us through this. Others may not agree. That’s fine! The disappointing thing is how they’ve behaved throughout the season. Rather than showing the players their support, they boo or call for the manager’s dismissal. A “supporter” best serves his club not when things are going well but when they are not. Arsenal fans have been a collective bust in that regard. Wenger is in it for the long term. It seems that this new breed of Arsenal fan (or at least this new mindset) is willing to settle for short term fixes just to say we won a trophy. In some cases people are now looking at the Carling Cup as an achievement.

Yeah, you pay your hard earned to watch the club and you expect to be entertained and you expect a quality product. I don’t question those expectations but the lack of respect shown this season has been a major disappointment. The Negatives’ view is that Wenger is past it and cannot right the ship. Arsene’s pedigree speaks for itself.

The Negatives are in the same pool as anyone who chooses to leave the club before winning something with this group of players. Yes, we’ll need to add two or three established or emerging stars to this team but we haven’t been the colossal bust that we’re portrayed as.

Leave now and you are a coward. Leave now and I will help you out the door. Leave now and it’s an admission that you are not good enough.

I expect every Arsenal player to link arms and accept the challenge that lies in front of them. Prove Arsene right for believing that you can achieve big things in Red and White. If he’s chosen you, it is because he believes in you. You must believe in the cause and in yourself. Leaving now would be the ultimate expression of Keeganism.

It’s easy to quit. It’s easy to be a Negative. It’s not easy stay the course. Be you supporter or player, man up and accept the challenge. The next chapter in our history start Saturday.


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