Gutted to Tears Pt. II

It’s been four days since United were crowned EPL Champions. I’ve rebounded fairly well from the trauma of watching The Red Scum add another title to their collection. I remember a mate saying that he couldn’t understand why Taggart was bringing Giggs into the game. It’s simple, Giggs hates Arsenal so much that he had to be part of the affair. He more than any other United player represents the hatred between our clubs. Believe me, it’s mutual.

He’s the new Teddy Sheringham.

My mate couldn’t stomach that United continued to go forward in the 80th minute. I told him to accept it. It’s their right to do so.

These things have a way of leveling themselves. Sometimes cruelly.

What annoyed me most is how fearless they’ve been against us. We were determined Saturday but in the two previous (CL) games we were tame. No drive! That must be addressed.

Playing against United is as serious as it gets.

Could this new detente between Taggart and Arsene be diluting the acrimony between the two clubs? Are we witnessing a thawing of relations? Funk that! I don’t want to be friends with United. I don’t want to share warm moments with Giggs, Neville, Anderson, Ronaldo, Evra, etc. not one of them.

I hope Barcelona thrash them. Fock this England vs. Spain tripe people are spewing. It’s good vs. evil as far as I’m concerned.

Here’s to a blaugrana fiesta. United can stick their title up their bum 18 times.



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