Players That Need to Go

Philippe Senderos:
Some pundits and fans said that Pascal Cygan was bad. Well Philippe, he was better than you. He was slow, you are slow. But Pascal was better at reading a game and his timing was a lot better. You had the advantage of working your way through Arsenal’s academy and reserves. Fans like a so called home-grown player, except you were not home-grown. You were a very young transfer signing, which has escaped the memories of certain Gooners. You went on loan for a reason. You failed on loan and therefore you need to be sold. You had one good season with Arsenal but that was in the Champions League games of 2006. Cyndi Lauper had a good hit with “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” after that she faded away like an old fart. I expect the same will happen with you Philippe.

Mikael Sylvestre:
You have been unfairly criticized. You were bought as back up and you accepted that role with dignity. You have one year left on your contract. I suspect that financially you would like to see out that contract rather than move away to a club that is struggling and suffer a drop in wages. You could be a good influence on some of the younger players at the club. However, Arsenal need a younger, top quality, center-back. You are not that man. If we sign this player then I think you should move on. Of course, you will be allowed to leave on a free and with the best wishes of Arsenal Football Club.

Amaury Bischoff:
Your injuries seemed to have cleared up. I hope that you had a great experience at Arsenal because your contract is up and it will not be renewed. Andrei Arshavin and Jack Wilshere have put paid to that. However, I’m sure that you will find a new club.

Emmanuel Adebayor:
How many goals did you score this season? How much are you getting paid from your new contract? This seaon you have been average. You cause controversy with your claims that AC Milan and Barcelona want to sign you. For 24 million pounds you can go. If you had the humility of Eduardo you could go far but you don’t and never will.

The Jury Is Out On The Following:
Kolo Toure
Tomas Rosicky
Armand Traore


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