Philippe Senderos

Some people like Senderos. Some people like him a lot. One popular blogger continues to champion Senderos in small ways, if only to spite William Gallas.

It has been talked about that Philippe will be on his way back to Arsenal next year. It is not because he wants to return to our club. In fact, when he initially moved on loan to AC Milan, he made it sound as though it was a clean break. A clean break is one where you praise your new team and essentially wave farewell to your old team. Things like that don’t happen when you’re only going on loan.

Some people have claimed that Senderos may be more comfortable in a league like Serie A, but from what I have seen this year, he hasn’t improved very much at all. He’s solid enough to make the bench, but that’s what he is at this point, a bench player.

He has the physical tools to be an elite defender. He does read the game decently, and he is actually bigger than Nemanja Vidic. But after years of being punked by Drogba, he doesn’t have it in him to take that next step. I’m certain of that.

If it turns out that he returns and he performs admirably for Arsenal, hooray for us. I’ll apologize and say that he proved me (and a few others) wrong.

But as of right now, I’d flog him to any club willing to pay 4-5 million pounds for his promise and channel it into signing Mamadou Sakho, the youngest ever captain for Paris Saint-Germain FC.


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