Media Blackout

If in the month of June you never had access to NewsNow, that might be a good thing for you.

One moment, we’re signing Thomas Vermaelen. The next, it’s delayed.

One minute, Cesc said he would leave if Pep Guardiola asked him to. The next, he denies wanting to leave the club.

Clichy and Sagna were both linked with Real Madrid. The day after, they both vehemently denied wanting to leave.

Is it any wonder that newspapers are going out of business? Sadly enough, it’s mostly American institutions that have been afflicted. Not worthless publications like The Mirror, The Daily Star, and The Sun.

As a great man I know says, I’ll believe it when I see it on the Official Arsenal website. The very fact that we have players issuing denials on the official site (because of errant reporting) is an indication of how worthless the “news” has become.

I wish it was in my nature to shut myself completely off from Arsenal for a month, because surely this would be that month.

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