Myles Palmer is a Fraud

About three years ago, I contacted the blogger Myles Palmer. I’d reached a point when I could no longer resist asking the guy what his deal is.

I’d grown tired of reading about how his inside sources told him this or told him that. I’d grown tired of his predictions. I’d grown tired of the piles of horse shit he tries to pass as analysis of The World’s Greatest Team.

“Arsenal need Maxi Lopez,” he once said. Maxi Lopez!


How can I take someone who says that seriously? The final straw was his assertion that one has to live in London in order to be a Gooner.

His response to my email provided some insights on what he is about but nothing can change my view. The guy pretends to know more about Arsenal and certainly more about football than he really does.

A great man recently wrote about global brands. He noted how Arsenal has placed anchors in Asia and and other parts of the world as the club develops worldwide recruitment and commercial bases. The same great man is an ex-pat who was born and raised in London. He is an Arsenal fan.

Myles Palmer is not.

The same great man, according to Myles Palmer’s mode of thinking, is no Longer eligible to be a Gooner as he has left London.

(I am not eligible to call myself a Gooner for I do not live in London, and I certainly wasn’t born in London.)

Fortunately it doesn’t matter where the great man lives, he has always been, will always be, and is a Gooner.

Myles Palmer is not.

The best way to avoid being irritated by the pompous know-it-all is simply to not read his blog. I just wish being rid of his type were as easy. Arsenal don’t need Myles Palmer. My friend, the great man I’ve spoken about, and the millions of proper Gooners like him are who Arsenal need for their passion and unadulterated love for the club.

Myles Palmer is not.


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