ESPN Buys Setanta’s Live Premiership Games

I’m not a fan of ESPN. It’s the McDonald’s of sports coverage. The analysis they give of games lasts 2 minutes and is interspersed with too many Heineken adverts. It’s full of suited men talking too fast and not making much sense. In a nutshell, ESPN provides quickly digested, commercialized tosh.

And then there’s Tommy Smyth, the Manchester United loving Irishman and his catch phrase:

“Put it in the onion bag.”

I am an educated football fan who pays a cable company every month to get quality sports coverage from so called experts. Tommy Smyth is not an expert – he is a clown. It’s because of this bald, bifocal wearing, leprechaun that I watch ESPN Champions League coverage with the sound off. Thank God ESPN will no longer have the rights to screen Champions League football.

Tommy Smyth’s knowledge of the game was put to shame last summer by Judy Foudy. Who you might ask – and there lies my point. Isn’t it time that this man was fired?

Comments like “Put it in the onion bag” belittles my intelligence and makes me question the quality of service that ESPN claims to provide. ESPN have anchor men who don’t try and hide their ignorance and contempt towards “soccer”. They would rather be working on college football, NASCAR or golf. Their ignorance and contempt for the game shows through while their voices sound dumber than a fraternity boy with a Pabst Blue Ribbon hangover.

To say that I am disappointed that ESPN has won rights to show live Premiership games is an understatement.

I thought that when Fox Soccer Channel won the rights to show next seasons Champions League games that that was the end of Tommy Smyth and ESPN with regards to “soccer.” I obviously celebrated too soon.



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