There is No Break

It’s remarkable that in six days, preseason training will begin in full for Arsenal.

I personally follow many other sports, and in most of those team oriented sports, there is a definitive period where you can take a rest or a breather from the sport. It usually goes from regular season to the playoffs to the free agent period. After that, it’ll be a couple of months minimum where you won’t even have to think about that particular sport.

This is not true with football. Maybe once in a four year period is there a break from football, if you’re something more than a casual fan. One summer it’s the World Cup, another summer it’s the European Cup. Even a tournament like the Confederations Cup provides a football fan entertainment.

Of course, club football does stop for a month proper. But with a never ending slew of transfer links, you never take a proper break. And so it is with Arsenal.

Wenger wanted to bring in all the new players before preseason started, and that may or may not happen considering we’re a few days away.

Felipe Melo was a player who may have interested us, but now has committed to Fiorentina. He should no longer be a target, and to be frank, I don’t think he’s worth 15-20 million euros. He doesn’t look vastly superior to his midfield partner for the seleção, and that man is a former Arsenal player himself.

I think an option in central midfield may be needed, but Wenger knows better than anybody. After all, both Neves and Alex Song got a full years worth of experience there.

It is a preference, but just because the preseason starts doesn’t mean we’ll close up shop. We’ll wait to see what develops. Adebayor may go or stay. We may sign Chamakh or not.

The real joy for me is the fact that Arshavin will begin to develop a better understanding with some of our players. That really excites me.


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