My choices for topics to write about today were either Haiti (who came so close to defeating CONCACAF kings, the U.S.A.), Togo’s rumoured departure to Citeh (which I believe Arsenal would be daft to let happen), or my thoughts on the bullshit that permeates lower levels of amateur football.

Instead I have chosen to talk about another topic – the Vieira to Spurs thing that blogs and “news” sources have been highlighting. A great man has already said exactly what I’ve been thinking in a previous post, but I must say that if it were to actually happen, it would change me for life – no, not to become a Spurs fan…SPIT, SPIT SPIT!

Being a Spurs fan is just not in my genes.

Vieira has represented so much to me and my football experience, he’s represented what The Invincibles were all about – swashbuckling, thrusting, sleek, powerful, dominant, stunning. My limited vocabulary would be the only thing that stops me filling this page with superlatives. If Patrick Vieira signs for Spurs, it will end my love affair with the player. It will ruin all the history he’s built with The World’s Greatest Team. It would ruin his status as an Arsenal legend. That would be beyond shameful.

I will stop typing now. The topic is making me very angry.


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