Adebayor is No C**t

I don’t know what’s more boring the sale of Adebayor to Manchester City or the non stop news coverage of the cross examination of Judge Sotomayor by the judiciary committee of the US Senate.

The reason why Sotomayor made gavel-to-gavel TV coverage last week was because of a comment she made back in 2001, in a speech to a Hispanic group at Berkeley. The comment has made hardcore Republicans like Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich seething with anger and accusing her of being a racist.

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life,” Sotomayor said, describing how life experience can inform judicial opinions.

I’m not going to comment on this ridiculous accusation. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on the names Rush and Newt.

Who the fuck calls their kid Newt?

Rush is no better. It’s a word that is used in Britain to describe the buzz you get from an ecstasy tablet. In America, you use the word “roll” to describe the ecstasy sensation.

Imagine being called Roll by your parents!

Rush and Newt are names for cunts – boring, horrible, fat, conceited, grey haired, grey suited, old wanks who look like roasted pigs and who’ve never been good in bed. If a woman can tell how good a man is in bed by the way he dances, then Rush and Newt would last two minutes and spill their drink down her leg.

These two fucks cannot die soon enough.

Now the press are wanking over David Beckham’s attempts at acting hard. This is a pathetic story. Offering a drunk fan out for a fight knowing that security are going to step in before any punches are thrown is an act of a coward. It shows no class. But then so do the tattoos on David Beckham’s neck.


But the effect is immediate. David Beckham is news once again.

Last week Beckham made headlines because of comments made by Landon Donovan that the Englishman was a poor captain, stingy, and had shown a lack of commitment to the LA Galaxy. Donovan was right about Beckham’s lack of commitment . He doesn’t care about the LA Galaxy. He cares about only himself. He is going to fuck off back to AC Milan as soon as he can, leaving Galaxy fans high and dry.

Beckham, Rush Limbaugh and Newt Cuntgrich make controversial noises and moves in order to stay in the public eye. That’s what conceited, glory hunters and money grabbers do.

And their actions are that of a cunt.

Adebayor is not a cunt. If you think that he is then travel to the neighborhood that he grew up in. You may change your opinion. Arsenal got a good deal. So did Adebayor. Man City got a good striker.

The fans that should be complaining are Galaxy fans. Not about Adebayor but about David Beckham. Can you imagine Arsenal signing a star player who is injured for most of his first season and then leaves for another club for 6 months in his next?

Now that’s a true cunt.


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