You know you’re a redneck if the Salvation Army declines your furniture.

Well, this maxim can also be applied to Phil Brown and Hull City.

You know you’re Hull City when Daryl Murphy blanks you and chooses to stay at Sunderland even though he’s only a reserve.

Daryl Who? I hear you you ask!


It seems that no-one wants to join Hull City or play for Phil Brown. Frazier Campbell snubbed them for Sunderland. Marc-Antoine Fortune opted for Celtic and Bobby Zamora has decided to stay at Fulham even though he only scored 2 goals in 35 appearences last season.

Hull City and Phil Brown are the rednecks of the Premier League.


If you think that Arsenal are crazy for selling Kolo to Manchester City for 15 million then watch Man United’s goal in the semi-final first leg at Old Twatford. Watch Kolo carefully as the cross comes in from Almunia’s right hand post.

Now go back to the start of last season. Kolo was recovoring from malaria. He was also fat. He didn’t look the same Kolo from the Invincibles.

Last January, he handed in a transfer request citing a falling out with William Gallas. Bollocks! I’m sure the 120,000 pounds a week that Man City were offering you was the real reason.

Now consider this: for 6 weeks next season Kolo will be absent. In February, he will be playing in the African Nations Cup. So will Eboue and Adebayor.

15 million now seems like good business.


They have no manager. Their owner wants to flog them to anyone. Cristiano Ronaldo costs more than buying them. They’re about start the 2009/10 season in The Championship and just lost 6-1 to Leyton Orient.

Yep, there’s always someone worse off than you.


This twitchy cunt is telling anyone who wants to hear him that Patrick Vieira wants to play for Spurs. Harry thinks this is a great PR stunt especially after Celtic reserves comfortably beat Spurs 2-0. I have a message for Harry and any Spurs fan who is wanking at the thought of Vieira joining them next season.

Please fuckoff and die!

Vieira would rather suck a donkeys cock than join your horrible lot. Cunts.


USA may have fielded a weakened team but in 10 years time who is going to know this fact. No-one. Losing 5-0 in a final is embarrassing. The game was 0-0 at half-time. The first half was boring and stale.

So why did the US collapse in such dramatic fashion?

The introduction of Carlos Vela at half-time. He destroyed the US defense. He scored one goal and assisted in another.

Huntelaar and Chamakh can go and fuck.

Vela will do.

Talk soon,



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