Andrey and Jack

We defeated Atletico Madrid Saturday with a dramatic finish highlighted by a fantastic brace from Andrey Arshavin. Yes, The Little Magician stole the show but the contribution of Lil’ Jack was notable. He was a constant threat with his intelligent play and superb technique. I haven’t seen his level of awareness in such a young player for a long time.

The two goals Andrey scored speak for themselves. The second looked the more difficult but when you watch replays of the first goal, take note of how he leans back while making contact with the ball. And what contact! He’s steered the ball with the perfect weight to beat keeper, bar, and post.

How many times have you seen a similar chance not taken because the ball was hit either directly at the keeper, off the woodwork, or just struck off target? You’re often left wondering how a professional goal scorer could miss from so close.

The Little Magician made it look simple but that was not a simple goal.

Lil’ Jack has made quite an impression. This season we could see the emergence of our next playmaker. I see him as more of a central player than a winger. His influence on the game is used more effectively as a free role playmaker.

People go on about how we lack this or we lack that. In Andrey and Lil’ Jack We have the best senior and the best young player in the EPL.

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