The Media

Today’s football news has deteriorated to an alarming rate. Apart from the usual transfer crap, we now have trivial stories that bore me rigid. Here is a sample:

David Beckham shakes hands with a fan who insulted his wife;

Bobby Robson dies of cancer. He died on Thursday, today is Tuesday, yet his death is still in the news;

Kolo Toure says Arsenal have no leadership even though they got to a Champions League semi-final;

William Gallas holds a cigarette.

In the future the news will get even worse. Here is a sample:

Cristiano Ronaldo chokes on a raisin;

Ashley Cole successfully reads a book – The Tale of Peter Rabbit;

David Beckham’s wife Posh and Sarah Pallin’s daughter Bristol are the new talk show hosts to rival the Today Show called the Tomorrow Show;

David Beckham is the new judge on America’s Got Talent;

Wayne Rooney is the new face for Rogaine;

Rio Ferdinand is taught rap on a reality TV show by Snoop Dogg and releases an album with Rihanna called “Punch Me.”

We have a lot to look forward to.



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