A Few Thoughts

– Literally five hours before the CL draw, I predicted each tie correctly. I knew we were going to draw Celtic. Obviously, this was pure luck, but I sensed it in the air. Looking at the Champions path and the non-Champions path of this CL round, it makes me wonder what Platini is really reaching for. I get that he’s trying to include smaller country champions to diversify the Champions League, but in reality he’s just diluting it. As a result, finishing fourth (or third in slightly lower coefficient leagues) means that you’re essentially playing a very tricky tie to get into the Champions League group stages. I’ll speak more about the tie when we approach it, but to say that our fixtures are congested would be putting it lightly. The slight advantage that we have is that at least our players should be healthy, fit, and ready to go (whoops in Rosicky). This is why I’d prefer that Wenger brought in bodies now, but that is his call.

– Idiots are calling for Wenger’s head again. They cite his refusal to buy as a signal that he’s lost it. But what use is it paying for a player that you don’t deem ideal? It is a braver action to gut it out. Buying players may earn you a reprieve from the critics and twitchy fans, but it does NOT guarantee success. Put it this way, if Wenger went out and bought all the players that the fans crave but lost the League anyway, would people be more willing to give Wenger a break? I don’t think so. They’d find other reasons to blame Wenger. The bottom line is that we do not know what goes on behind closed doors. Someday, we may find out that Wenger was doing miracle work instead of just being “stubborn.” People may not think this team is strong enough as constructed, but their opinions simply do not matter.

– It would be nice to see Tomas Rosicky have a nice season with us, but it’s foolish to think that that’s a likely scenario at the moment.


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