Post Match View – Everton

The drunken, rude, smelly West Ham fans in attendance made overcoming a negative start to the day slightly more challenging. Some very negative vibes came my way through an early morning call from someone who felt it necessary to remind me that he doesn’t like our manager, that the rings of Saturn disappeared two days after he’d predicted – costing him a large sum, and how life in general just isn’t all it’s advertised to be.

I was pumped for the first chapter of our great story. I didn’t want to deal with his negative vibes. He annoyed me.

Later, I met a colleague and overall great man at the pub. He said that he didn’t feel good about the match. His morning hadn’t started well either. I’ve become an optimistic old bastid so I reassured him with what might have seemed like a ridiculous statement, ” Everton 0 Arsenal 6″.

I don’t make predictions. They seem silly to me. How can someone tell me today that he/she knows what will happen in the future yet not be able to repeat the feat when I ask for the winning lottery numbers? I said 6 – 0 because I believe we’re good enough to make it happen (against any team), not because I knew it would.

He probably chuckled inside nonetheless.

The West Ham fans made it difficult to watch the match. They wanted trouble, but but we didn’t back down. They wanted attention, but we gave them little. They wanted space so they unleashed a highly offensive stream of rectal flatus. Full English breakfasts, umpteen pints, and extreme envy laced in vile, demonic sentiments for our great club and manager caused that section of the bar to suddenly have an olfactory displeasure that no Red and White wearing supporter of The World’s Greatest Team should be subjected to.

The damn place was packed so we suffered through it, but we would eventually have the last laugh. With each Arsenal goal, the decibel level of those in claret and blue lowered as that of those in Red and White increased. Watching the ring leader, the stupid, fat skinhead wannabe slink his way out of the bar felt almost as good as seeing the smile on Eduardo’s after he scored the sixth.

The back four looked comfortable and reassuring in a way that gives me hope. Gallas and Vermaelen looked like they’ve played together before. The fullbacks were never troubled and took advantage of that to venture forward to good effect – something we sorely missed last season. Almunia had little to do, but I’m watching you Mr. “I Want To Be England’s No. 1”. Your probationable offences are not easily forgotten.

Denilson – more than just good stats. I welcome the response.
Cesc – 2 goals, 2 assists. And nice touch with the tribute to Dani as well.
Alex Song – the boy can play. Matthieu who?

I wonder how much the abuse that Robin will receive with his back to goal will affect him. Nik looked effervescent at times while making a very solid contribution. AA23 never felt the need to leave third gear, yet we’ve scored six and neither of the front three got a goal. I’d take note of that if I were the opposition.

It’s only one game, but it’s a very positive start. Believe it or not, I knew we could put six past the would be gate crashers, the pretenders that so-called experts picked to finish ahead of us.

Celtic beware!


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