Arsenal destroyed Everton not because Joleon Lescott did not want to play for The Toffees and thus would rather be wearing a Manchester City shirt. No homos, we won because we got rid of bad wood, trained hard in pre-season on a new system that seems to have rejuvenated the way we play and in Thomas Vermaelen, Arsenal now have a very good center-back.

Senderos fuck-off.

Alan Hansen (ex-Liverpool player) and Alan Green (a fat Northern Irish cunt who secretly supports Liverpool but is paid by the BBC to give unbiased reporting) think otherwise. This is what that dour Scottish cunt Hansen had to say about Arsenal’s stunning 6-1 win:

“Lescott did not want to play, his team-mates probably knew that and there was a lack of communication and cohesion.

I am not saying for a single minute that the uncertainty over Lescott was the sole cause for Everton’s defeat but it was definitely a factor.”

Alan Green the BBC broadcaster wrote in the Belfast Examiner:

“So, forget about opening day results, Arsenal will again be a little adrift and Chelsea will heed Carlo Ancelotti and make the Champions League their priority leaving the Premiership title between Manchester United and Liverpool.”

Green compared Arsenal’s win on Saturday to Sheffield Wednesday’s opening Premiership win of the 98/99 season. Adding that Wednesday got relegated that season.

Green had once described ex-Manchester City defender Sun Jihai as wearing shirt “Number 17…that’ll be the Chicken Chow Mein, then” he announced during a live radio broadcast for BBC Radio Five Live. In January 2007, Green commented on Five Live, during the Everton v Reading match, when film star Sylvester Stallone was paraded on the pitch, that Stallone’s limousine might not have wheels when he returns to it.

Talking of comments. Aberdeen boss, Mark McGhee (another fat cunt), spoke after his crap team had lost their season opener to Celtic 3-1. This is what he had to say about the Celtic v Arsenal Champions League game:

“I’ve watched a lot of Arsenal over the last five years or so and I think Celtic have as good a chance next week as they would have at any time during those five years.”

“Arsenal are a terrific footballing team, but Celtic, with their movement and play that they had today (Celtic had just beaten his team 3-1), are capable of giving them a real game.”

Have you ever heard of a team called FK Sigma Olomouc? No, don’t worry, it’s not a new STD that’s been infecting your cock for the past few days. No, it’s a team that Aberdeen lost to in a qualifying tie of the new Europa Cup. Aberdeen, were in fact smashed by this team. 5-1 at home and 3-0 away.

Mark McGhee, has no place to comment, so please fuck off.

Goal technology must to be introduced after the farcical refereeing in the Bristol City-Crystal Palace match on Saturday. Crystal Palace scored a legitimate goal that was ruled out by the referee because he thought the ball had hit the post. Bristol City won the game 1-0 after scoring a last minute winner. Palace were refused a replay.

I feel sorry for Crystal Palace.

My last point is about Manchester City. If they are in the top five at Christmas, then you can bet your bottom dollar that they will spend millions of pounds to be in the top four.

My thoughts now though are on Celtic. An away goal and draw will do but a win will be what I want.


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