Theo Walcott seems more concerned playing for England than Arsenal.

England got him injured and over played him in June for both the senior and U-21’s, which has left Walcott fatigued and behind in the start of the new season.

If England really want to win the World Cup, then they must rest players like Theo Walcott for pubescent tournaments like the European U-21 championships. But England will not win the World Cup and Walcott is in danger of losing his Arsenal place, all because of his fascination in representing his country.

Walcott wants to be fit for the England-Croatia game. The Croatia game has enormous emotional attachment. The last time England played Croatia, Walcott scored a hat-trick and announced himself as an England player. He was finally accepted by players like Terry, Lampard, and Gerrard. This was a major turnaround for Walcott who had been publicly criticized by players like Gerrard after the 2006 World Cup. Gerrard thought that Walcott had not earned his stripes.

Now Gerrard thinks that Walcott is an integral part of the England squad. So does Capello and Walcott feels the love.

Theo understands that to play for England, he must play for Arsenal. Without Arsenal, there is no England. But England is stopping Walcott from playing for Arsenal. Every time Walcott plays for England or trains with them, he comes back to Arsenal injured.

Wenger is no fool. I won’t be surprised if he signs a player to play in Walcott’s position, if he does I will be happy.

Walcott is injured every season and he still hasn’t lost his “potential” tag.

He needs to lose the injury label and “potential” tag.

He may also have to start making Arsenal his priority rather than England.

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