Liverpool Not Arsenal Will Struggle

In the race for 4th spot, Liverpool are the team that are most likely to drop out. They have history. Back in 2005, Everton claimed 4th spot at Liverpool’s expense, only for the Reds to win the Champions League and claim a back door route back into the competition. Arsenal have no history. They have qualified for the Champions League in every season since 1998.

Rafa Benitez loves the Champions League. He uses his tactical acumen and works his magic to grind Liverpool into the latter stages of the competition. But he may have to start thinking about the Europa League.

This season, however, the Champions League may prove to be a distraction for Liverpool. A distraction in their fight to stay in the the top four. Two defeats in their first three Premiership games does not bode well. True, we can only judge teams after 10 games but Liverpool were a little bit fortunate last season and have showed cracks during pre-season.

Add the financial robbery by their owners of the club and you have a club on the verge of a crisis.

Selling Alonso and not having Steven Gerrard on their pre-season trip to Asia due to his court case has not helped. Yes, Liverpool will get better. Aquilani when fit will improve them, but Voronin and Babel will not.

Teams like Stoke and Birmingham will identify Liverpool as weakness in the top four and play that extra harder when paired against them. Arsenal were that team last season but seem to have a new look about them. Gallas looks like a new player. Vermaelen looks very good so far and Denilson, Song, Ramsey, and Diaby all look like Premiership players.

I’ve always said that Liverpool are the weak link out of the teams that finished in last seasons top four. The British media still think that Arsenal will be the team to drop out of the top four. In 2006, Arsenal came close to that prediction and ever since then we have always been the media’s favorites.

Now the tide has turned. Arsenal have a steel look about them. Liverpool seem to lack confidence. On Saturday we shall see where Arsenal are at. The Champions League group stage qualification should be secured by then (netting Arsenal 2 million pounds in the process).

Defeating Manchester United will detonate the Premiership. Wenger knows this and this is what Arsenal will be aiming for. United do not have Ferdinand. It is a good time to play them. Arsenal always do well playing at Old Trafford this time of the season.

Fourth spot is not on Arsenal’s agenda.

The Premiership title is.

The critics and pundits need to realize this.


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