Stop Leeching Off Our Club

What gives someone who hasn’t got a real vested interest in Arsenal Football Club the right to criticize it or its players? I struggle to understand what the guy who only recently started watching Arsenal has got to lose if we end up on the wrong end of a 3-0 score line later vs. Celtic. I wonder why it is important for people who have never tasted bitter, humiliating defeat to Man United or been taunted by Spurs fans, to express how much they dislike Arsene Wenger. Yet these people will wear Arsenal gear and in the case of a certain parasitic author/blogger, reap benefits from their “association” with the club.

A great man has told me that some websites may need libel insurance to help address the risk of being bullied by powerful parties with the means to kick them into touch. My knowledge of libel law is limited to knowing the definition of the word and that it is easy to claim but not always easy to prove. In other words, I know Jack McShyte about libel but I do know that if someone with enough time and money on his/her hands wants to claim that eighteen86 has written something defamatory about them, they could be a major annoyance.

The topic was brought up on an otherwise decent website founded by the (much more palatable) colleague of the annoying, parasitic author/blogger. This author/blogger is like a flea living in the coat of your healthy, loveable dog. Were it not for the pompous scribe, I would still frequent the site. Its founder has interesting insights when he finds time to post.

We, at eighteen86, feel that everyone deserves their professional respect but obviously there are those who must be called out from time to time. The parasitic author/blogger is one such character. I’ve heard from a very reliable source that he called Abou Diaby a cretin.

What exactly is as a cretin?

I wondered if I could possibly be one myself so I took the time to do a bit of research. The respected medical journal The Lancet was just one of my sources – I didn’t make up anything to suit my argument.

Insufficient iodine intake can lead to mental impairment and stunted physical growth. The condition is called cretinism. Cruelly, terms like retard, idjit, and spaz have been used to describe the unfortunate individuals who experience this debilitating, awful condition. To be in a state of limited mobility and mental stagnation is not something to trivialize.

What I’ve found through the research has made the parasitic author/blogger even more annoying. His actions are malicious. I’d laugh if a libel suit was thrown at him.

I wish he’d take six weeks off and then retire. You are not nearly as important as you think you are. Ben and all the other sycophants that praise you should sleep right through the season, or longer.


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