Democracy and Fairness

You probably couldn’t give a fuck about the Russian cargo ship that was apparently hijacked back in July. That’s assuming that you knew of the story.

Well, back in July a 4,000 tonne Russian cargo ship carrying timber worth $1.8 million vanished days after leaving Finland. It’s destination was the Algerian port of Bejaia. It went missing in one of Europe’s most busiest shipping lanes in the Arctic Sea. Not the type of area that you would associate hijackers or Somali pirates with. And why would someone want to steal a bunch of timber when there are more valuable cargo ships out there?

Now the editor of a leading online maritime journal claims that the Russian cargo ship was in fact carrying illegal weapons. Eight hijackers from Estonia were arrested – a country not famed for hijackers or pirates. Rumors circulate that the cargo ship was in fact intercepted by Mossad – Israel’s foreign intelligence service – in order to stop a shipment of illegal arms to the Middle East.

Who knows what the truth is.

Just like FIFA’s decision to punish Chelsea for inducing Gael Kakuta to break his contract with Racing Club Lens. Other top European clubs have been doing this for years but so far only FC Sion, Roma, and now Chelsea have been charged.

Why has Eduardo been charged for diving when players like Ronaldo and Rooney dive every week?

To be frank, who gives a fuck. FIFA and UEFA are just as complex and corrupt as Putin’s Russia. We will never know the truth about what lies behind their decion making.

Democracy and fairness are not a FIFA words.


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