Rooney = Diver/Cheat

John Terry said that England players don’t dive. Well John, that’s like saying that your mum and mother-in-law never steal. The fat balding hog above has now dived twice in a week. First against Arsenal at Old Twatford, and again today for England against Slovenia – in a game that was a friendly match!

Of course Rooney has history of diving, but nothing is said by anyone because he’s the best player that England and Manchester United have right now.

I bet you my penis that Eduardo gets booed by the English fans every time he touches the ball on Wednesday. Of course the commentators and pundits will bring up Eduardo’s diving ban before, during and after the game. They could bring up that Russian cargo ship that went missing instead – exactly it’s that fucking boring.

Scott Brown is another cunt. Earlier today, Scotland beat Macedonia 2-0 to save what little chance they had of qualifying for the World Cup. During the 1st half of that game, the ball was played out by Macedonia so that one of their players could get some treatment. However, instead of giving the ball back to Macedonia, Scott Brown whacked it against a Macedonia defender and won a corner. The Macedonians were absolutely furious. Scott Brown then scored the opening goal for Scotland as you can see below:

That ugly clogger Darren Fletcher is right behind the hypocrite Mr. Brown, celebrating a goal against a country that is the poorest in Europe bar Albania. Many Gooners, however, will remember Scott Brown in the picture below – confronting Eduardo by attempting to butt his head after the Croatian dived to win a penalty:

British football is full of hypocritical, jingoist, conceited, wankers. As a Brit, living in Colorado, I am embarrassed by the actions of the Scottish FA, Wayne Rooney, and Scott Brown.


Keep it Arsenal

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