Fuck You Adebayor

Pictures say everything, don’t they? Look at how disgusted Kolo Toure looks.

Some readers of this blog may not know that three different people write for this site. I write on Tuesday night and Friday nights, another person writes on Monday night and Thursday nights, and another writes on Wednesday nights and Sundays. That accounts for the different writing styles and approaches.

I am normally mild mannered and as objective as I can be, but today rubbed me in the complete wrong way.

I formally make an apology to all our readers for my completely baseless defenses of Adebayor in the past year. Never before have I been more wrong about a player.

Everything we’ve heard has now basically been confirmed as true. I’m even willing to believe that Sun article about Adebayor getting into a row with an Arsenal fan at the airport is now true.

My colleague will write more about him later today, but I just had to vent a few thoughts.

This is not even about Manchester City, who deserved their result yesterday. It is not about anybody associated with Adebayor either. It is solely about one person. And to that person, I have this message.

Fuck You Adebayor.

Fuck you for disrespecting Arsene Wenger, the man who saved you from obscurity while you were warming the pine at Monaco, the man you raced past while stroking your own ego.

Fuck you for starting a near riot, especially after the senseless violence that occurred in the West Ham v. Millwall fixture recently.

Fuck you for proving the minor dissenters right that you were a greedy, ego-driven lout who quit on us last year, something so demonstrably obvious by the effort you’re putting into City’s first four games this season.

Fuck you for stomping on our players and generally hacking away at all of our players today. How much hatred you must possess for our team that you can so brutally stick your foot in to players who were considered your “brothers” not so long ago. I hope the combined events earn you a five match ban.

Fuck you for tainting my memories of anything Arsenal related that you were involved in during the past four years. That includes glorious victories against the Scum, wonderful Champions League moments, dances with Thierry Henry (who is so much better than you in all aspects that it’s not even funny), and other events.

Fuck you from the bottom of my heart, you cunt. You’re worse than Ashley Cole. And those were words that I never thought I would type.



  1. FUCK YOU adebyaor

    you are whore


  2. What an ass Adebayor !! hate him with a passion !!!!!!!!!


    He’s a dickhead, hoping to get tickets to the next arsenal and man city match so I can boo his ass!

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