The cunt above is celebrating a last minute winner by his Bernard Tapie run club in front of rival Manchester City fans. The goal was scored in the sixth minute of injury time when only four minutes were meant to have been played. Gary Neville was fined 5 grand and banned for two games for doing a similar act against Liverpool fans.

He is a cunt.

I don’t give a fuck about City or their fans, especially after the way they behaved last weekend against Arsenal. However, I do have grave concern for the way Manchester United repeatedly win games, year after year, season after season, on very controversial decisions.

In the Premiership, social equality exists – a team from the lower divisions can through successive promotions play against the best. Manchester City are great example of this. Back in 1999, they were playing in the third tier of English football. Now, with private investment from Dubai, they threaten to break into the top four.

However, social equality exists only on paper. To gain promotions and avoid relegation in the Premiership you need money. Without it you will eventually go back down to where you came from.

Economic equality does not exist in the Premiership. Clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and now Manchester City will always have more money than others. Liverpool, however, will fall on hard times if they fail to finish in the top four. They are vulnerable.

Arsenal are not.

Arsenal are the best run club – financially – in the Premiership. The building of a state of the art stadium and training ground, the Highbury Square and Eden Grove projects, Europe’s best youth system, qualifying for the Champions League group stages for 10 years on the trot – has all been done without the finances of some billionaire or the benefits that Man United have had and still have.

People are jealous of that fact.

Other fans have always detested that Arsenal hold the record for the longest uninterrupted period in the top tier of English football.

They hate Arsenal’s stylish football and the fact that Arsenal are the only Premier League club to have gone a season unbeaten.

But what really gets up people’s noses, is that Arsenal have class.

Clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City don’t and never will. Arsenal doesn’t have classless cunts like Gary Neville who celebrate in front of opposing fans when they are not even playing. We don’t have managers who jump around like Martin O’Neill, Alex Ferguson, or Alan Pardew.

Keep it Arsenal


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