Craven Cottage

The last few years at Craven Cottage has not provided kind memories for our squad.

Last year at Craven Cottage, we were definitively beaten even though the final score was only 1-nil. In van Persie’s words, “Fulham played better, wanted it more.” And that is indeed a feeling I haven’t experienced with an Arsenal team in quite some time.

Fulham earned 4 points against us last year, better than nearly every team in the Premier League. Roy Hodgson propelled them into the Europa League, and that tournament may have taken something out of them this year.

I always knew that Hodgson would pan out for them. He’s a bright, elderly football mind who clearly should have been England’s manager at some point in his career. They’re not quite clicking at the moment, but they’re always dangerous at home.

Let’s not forget that three years ago, Alex Song made one of his first appearances for us in the Premiership against Fulham. He was not up to snuff and was subbed at half time. That performance singlehandedly condemned Song to most Arsenal fans for the next two years. I think Alex Song has proven his worth by now, but even he must understand that in this old stomping ground, he’ll have a chance to show that things have come full circle.

Along with the return of The Russian, Theo may well play a part. Once we reach the middle of October, Nasri and Fabianski will return as well.

Now is the time to avoid looking at the league table and just string results together against teams we know we can beat.


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