Myles Palmer wrote a book about Arsene Wenger called The Professor, which was the first of its kind. It gave him kudos and a huge ego. Now he thinks he is the inside voice on everything Arsenal. He makes claims on his website like a fortune teller on who Arsenal are going to sign and the latest gossip on Arsenal players.

These claims can never be checked and the signings that he says are 100% certain never happen.

He claims that Arsenal are going to sign Vieira in January. That Vieira has already passed a medical back in August but he never joined because Arsenal could not get $1 million to Inter Milan on deadline day.

It took me 30 seconds to buy MagicJet on my cellphone. It cost Arsenal $1.8 million to buy two 16 year old center backs from Switzerland this summer. It therefore baffles me as to why Arsenal would struggle to find $1 million to buy Vieira or ran out of time to buy him when it takes 30 seconds to buy something off the TV and it costs $1.8 million to sign two Swiss kids.

Now Myles Palmer writes that Wenger doesn’t like English players mainly because he doesn’t think that kids from a council estate can handle fame and success. It’s why Wenger won’t play Jack Wilshire.

Jack Wilshire doesn’t come from a council estate. Neither does Kieran Gibbs or Theo Walcott.

I hate people like Myles Palmer.

Keep it Arsenal


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