The image above should make you sick. It came about last year, after Spurs equalized in injury time at The Emirates Stadium, after coming back from 4-2 down.

That day felt worse than a death in the family. Revenge will take place on Halloween.

Enough of Spurs and moving on to Sunday’s 6-2 win against Cuntburn Rovers. There’s a couple of things I want to bring up:

If a goalkeeper takes a long free kick/punt on the edge of his own penalty area, then the defending team has to push up high to create an offside trap in order to stop attacking headers in their own penalty area.

Arsenal’s defense failed to do this on Blackburn’s first goal. That worried me.

Blackburn’s second goal was down to a lucky deflection.

Blackburn’s third, which never happened, should have come from a penalty decision that never happened. First, Gallas was too lackadasical in the challenge on Dunn. Then, Vermaelen hurried his challenge, instead of holding back a little and committed a blatant penalty. Cesc had Vermaelen covered, in case the already unbalanced Dunn had got past him. Communication is key when it comes to defending.

It was obviously lacking for Arsenal at that point.

Arsenal should have been awarded a penalty against Manchester United when Darren Fletcher brought down Andrey Arshavin. Rooney dived in that same game and won Manchester United a penalty. Eduardo was deemed to have dived against Celtic so you could argue that events even themselves out. Except, Eduardo got a mountain of flak and a ban for his so called dive but Rooney got away with his, because he’s England’s only hope in the World Cup this summer.

Celtic, by the way, have lost all of my respect.

Arsenal has on paper, a reasonable run of games ahead of them. Birmingham City at home should be 3 points. So should West Ham away. The North London derby against the Scum is on Halloween. Remember last year? 4-4 it finished after Arsenal were leading 4-2 until the 89th minute. Remember David Bentley’s goal/celebration at the end. Now, that’s a game I want revenge from.

There are no Arsenal games until October 17th because of World Cup qualifiers. There are, however, some interesting World Cup qualifiers. Russia v Germany; Argentina v Peru; Denmark v Sweeden; Honduras v USA; Ireland v Italy.

Let’s hope that the Arsenal players come back injury free.

Keep it Arsenal


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