I Remember

Alex McLeish has swept it under the rug. To a degree, we have as well. The fact that both Eduardo and Martin Taylor are injured add to the passing of the story.

But I have not forgotten.

Had Eduardo and Martin Taylor been involved tomorrow, perhaps the media could have fully absolve Taylor of his crimes if they had shaken hands. I wouldn’t have blamed Eduardo for not shaking his hand, and truthfully I don’t want to see that moment nor them playing on the pitch at the same time.

We never got a chance to put our foot on Birmingham’s necks and force them to submit. The 2-2 draw at St. Andrews, one that had such a detrimental effect on our team both physically and mentally, was the last time we encountered this team.

What often goes ignored is that we drew against them at the Emirates in the same year. That was one of the blips that slowed our momentum.

We owe this team a licking.

I know I sound extremely vindictive, and I should let bygones be bygones.

But that inhumane tackle allows me to feel zero sympathy for anybody on Birmingham. Certainly not Arsenal trainee Sebastian Larsson who said that Wenger was completely out of order when speaking out about Martin Taylor.

“He’s not the type of player.”

I’ll never forget those words, and on the crest of good news for Birmingham (their injection of upcoming cash from Yeung), I hope we stuff them by three or more goals tomorrow while chanting Eduardo’s name from the bleachers.

What also gets credited to that horrible draw at St. Andrews is the start of the crucifixion of William Gallas. Nearly two years on, this is what Thierry Henry had to say:

“William Gallas is a man. I don’t know many players who would be able to turn around the situation like he has. It speaks volumes about him.”


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