Not a Bad Result But…

The manner we gave away the two points is troubling. We conceded a late goal – mentally, we shut down before the final whistle. Alex Song was the closest player to Mendes but he’s not the only one to blame. Many players were ball watching.

We gave away a set piece goal.

Another set piece goal!

As I said, it’s not the lost two points on the road to the nemesis Koeman, it’s how we lost focus that bothers me. We aren’t far away from being a dominant team but it won’t happen unless we play until the final whistle.

Why at this stage, do we still allow avoidable goals? That’s not the mark of a champion. It’s a cause for concern. I blamed Vieira when there were breaches of discipline on the pitch. A captain must keep his troops focused.

Cesc (and Wenger) must keep the team focused until the final whistle.