Here’s Your Chance Kieran

Gael Clichy has been struck down with another back injury. At the end of last year, Clichy sustained a back injury which was initially forecasted as a four week injury. That eventually sidelined him for the entire season. Kieran Gibbs stepped in to secure the breach, and while he did the best he could, he ultimately will be remembered for slipping in the Champions League semi, allowing United to walk into the Final.

So, here we are again. Clichy with another back injury, and Arsene saying he’ll be out for one or two months. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was out for longer; we just cannot be sure with those pesky back injuries (remember Gilberto Silva in 04-05).

Wenger seems a bit unnerved by this, if only because he wants a full squad so he can rotate in the upcoming weeks.

That being said, we do have left backs as cover, Wenger pointedly saying that we do not lack left backs in the club. That in itself is a boon, considering that the left back position is amongst the most scouted across the world. It is quite simply a hard position to recruit.

And here comes Kieran Gibbs. With the knowledge that Capello is watching his development, if Gibbs performs to his potential, he could play well enough to permanently dislodge Clichy.

I love Gael, but he’s not without his flaws. He was a fantastic player until the slip against Tottenham, and after that, a combination of nerves and injuries has made him look, at times, unspectacular. With rumors of Real Madrid hovering, perhaps if Gibbs plays well enough, Clichy may be sold. I would miss him, but Gibbs has the potential to be better.

Clichy will never possess an attacking mind. His crosses are below average, and he’s been put on a leash by Wenger recently. Kieran Gibbs has been solid, and he’s a converted winger, the same as Ashley Cole.

I could care less about the England factor, but a more important thing to keep in mind is that Gibbs would be an Arsenal Academy player.

Today, against AZ, Gibbs will be given the chance of a lifetime, for oftentimes Arsenal players make their way into the starting XI by way of injuries.

We must show that we have learned our lesson. And Gibbs must show that he has learned his.


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