Post Match View – Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

Before Ronald Zubar knocked an Arsenal corner into his own net with his thigh, Wolves were applying effective pressure in midfield and even had a few chances to go ahead. They were also playing a high line in defence. Missed chances, leaving so much space behind the back line, and exerting so much energy from the start were always a recipe for disaster.

The own goal burst Wolves’ bubble for sure, but even if it had not happened, I doubt they would have been able to maintain the same level of effort as in the opening period throughout 90 minutes. The energy levels of Arsene Wenger’s teams are underestimated. Time after time, we’ve seen teams apply tremendous pressure early in matches only to run out of steam and be punished by the fitter Gunners.

Can you recall stamina ever being an issue with Arsenal?

As it turned out, we ended up winning 4-1. A second own goal and strikes from Cesc and Arshavin ensured that there’d be no shock result. Another injury and another late goal allowed however, have made the victory a bit less satisfying. Nonetheless, we managed to gain ground on Man Utd. Chelsea squeezed out a 1-0 victory against them at Stanford Bridge in a match that featured Jonny “Ninja” Evans.

There has been criticism of how vulnerable we can be in defence. Late goals allowed against Everton, AZ, and West Ham point to a need to stay focused every minute until the final whistle. Another criticism has been that we haven’t beaten any top four teams. Some say that our losses to both Manchester clubs are more telling than the unbeaten streak we’re currently on. They say the high scoring football we’re playing has more to do with weak opposition than our own prowess. They say that recent talk in the media about us being legitimate title contenders is just talk.

Outsiders will always doubt us until we raise a pot or two, preferably the EPL title, at minimum. It’s more important that the players know how good they are and how much they can achieve together under Arsene Wenger than what critics think about them. Yesterday’s three points have put us in second place with a game in hand.

This is a very interesting season so far. The criticism we’re getting tells me people are afraid of The Arsenal.

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