Teddy Sheringham is a Lot Worse Than Henry

The woman above is called Katie Price or Jordan. In Britain, she is a bimbo celebrity who became famous by posing topless in the tabloid newspaper The Sun. She has since modeled for other publications, appeared on a number of reality TV shows, and has created a variety of forgettable crap, such as writing an autobiography and failing at a music and fashion designing career.

She has a blind son with the now retired footballer Dwight Yorke, and two other children with the tacky Australian pop singer Peter Andre.

In 2000, she also briefly dated Teddy Sheringham, whom it is rumored, is the man that raped Miss Price. In September 2009, Miss Price claimed, while being interviewed by Hello magazine and filmed for her show on ITV2, that she was raped by a famous celebrity. The Sun reported that the entire production team was under strict instructions not to tell a soul, as the legal consequenses would be disastrous.

However, rumors persist that the man she named as her rapist is Teddy Sheringham.

Sheringham is not liked by many of his peers. Ex-Newcastle United, Arsenal, and Manchester United striker Andy Cole hated Sheringham. The pair did not get along and haven’t spoken to one another since February 7, 1998 – the day that Sheringham blamed Cole for a goal scored by Bolton, when both men were playing for Manchester United.

In book Glory, Glory, Cole claims that their rift started long before Sheringham signed for United back in the summer of 1997.

“Our problems started when I made my England debut. I replaced Teddy. I was making my debut. Maybe I was naive, but I think he should have wished me all the best. I was nervous, as anyone would be. Instead, he walked straight past me and blanked me. It’s not like I told Terry Venables to take Teddy off. So I was devastated when Teddy Sheringham signed for United because I couldn’t stand him.

“We played a friendly in Milan in 1997, just after he’d signed. He said something on the pitch. I didn’t like it. ‘I’m only trying to help you,’ he said. ‘I don’t need your help,’ I replied.”

Roy Keane in his autobiography wrote:

“Teddy Sheringham was signed from Spurs to replace Eric (Cantona). Teddy arrived for training at his first day at the club in his red Ferrari, every inch the confident Londoner. Teddy and I were acquainted from my Forest days. The chemistry between us was never right. And didn’t improve during his spell at Old Trafford.”

Even Tony Cascarino wrote when signing for Millwall in the late 1980’s:

“That I was easily the biggest signing cut no ice with Teddy Sheringham, who struck me as a right cold fish in training and who started ordering me around in our opening game of the season at Middlesborough.

Teddy was four years younger than me and had been at the club for years, but for 90 minutes it was as if I was his understudy.

Go there!
Do this!
Chase Back!
Hold on!

I thought, ‘Wait a fucking minute! I’m the 25 year old! I’m the one they’ve paid all the money for! This never happened at Gillingham!’ But I soon learned that this was Teddy’s way. He had to be boss.

Teddy is a policeman’s son and it shows occasionally in his mannerisms. Sometimes you’ll bounce something off him, expecting an immediate response and he’ll just look at you, blank. He isn’t a joker and can seem quite distant when you meet him first but he likes a good time.”

Thierry Henry is currently Public Enemy number one. He will be until FIFA order a replay.

In my eyes, Teddy Sheringham will always be Public Enemy number one. He hates Arsenal, and Gooners hate him.

Sunderland Saturday.

Keep it Arsenal

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