Fcuk Off Hughes

Three consecutive matches without scoring and injuries upon injuries have pushed the manager to a point of frustration. Mark Hughes claims that he looked to shake his opponent’s hand but saw Arsene Wenger “running” down the tunnel after the defeat to Manchester City. Wenger’s response was that he is free to choose who to shake hands with.

This is fuel for those already looking for reason to jump on our manager. In a perfect world, Arsene would conduct himself like an angel. We don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a world where a Nobel Peace Prize winner declares that he is dedicated to continuing a war that many millions feel must be stopped. We live in an unjust world with far worse acts than Wenger not shaking hands with a c*nt who probably hates everything about him anyway.

It doesn’t bother me what Arsene did after the match any more than it did when he stood up to that other c*nt Alan Pardew. I like that he doesn’t have a drink after matches with the opposing manager because most of them can’t stand him. Why should he pretend to enjoy their company? Wenger not shaking hands with Mark Hughes is the least of my worries.

Naturally, there’ll be any number of views suggesting that we’re done, that we never really had a chance to win anything this season, and that we are now out of the competition we had the best chance to win. With RvP likely to be out for the season, Theo looking nothing like a player ready to make a difference, and Eduardo off form, the return of Nicklas Bendtner can’t happen soon enough. But will he be enough?

The manager has stated that we will be active in the transfer market. If we find a player and a deal that suits us, we will buy. We need to buy. We must buy. There’s a long road ahead of us but by no means are we over our heads.

There’ll be loads of “experts” saying that they predicted we’d fall
short yet again. There’ll be loads of “fans” jumping off the band wagon.
Good! I prefer it that way.

The season (re)starts Saturday against Stoke. I will drop-kick the first ball boy or girl who hands Rory Delap a towel.

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