Arshavin Time

I have no problem when Andrey Arshavin opens his mouth. He seems to be one of the only Arsenal players who aren’t specifically drilled by our PR team to say the “right” answers at all times. His views on women driving are controversial to say the least, but he’s never afraid to say exactly what he’s thinking.

To me, it shows that he cares. In the interview itself, he completely backs Wenger and he talks about pushing forward.

He said a few quotes about us lacking height, but he was really talking about missing the presence of players like Bendtner and Diaby.

What I found most interesting was this quote:

“I’m not Thierry Henry but I’m one of a few experienced players in this team. I can take my young players and make them follow me. But we have other leaders as well like Robin van Persie, William Gallas, and Cesc Fabregas.”

Note the inclusion of Gallas in that mention of leaders. But anyway, with van Persie down, he is saying the words I want to hear.

It is indeed time for Arshavin to step up. He’ll make no bones about the fact that he’s been below his standards, especially compared to last year’s blistering form. But he is a player of natural footballing genius, and it’s time for him to step up to the plate.

I don’t know if we need a direct formation change, but the keys need to be handed to Arshavin. Cesc will not mind. Cesc wants to win, and he cares more about the team than anything else.

The time is now for Arshavin to make a mark.


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