Die Hard

Sometimes the title of a film or a scoreline can be a bit of a misnomer. The movie Die Hard is one. I thought that this film was about Bruce Willis taking too much Viagra and dying of an erection.

It wasn’t.

Arsenal losing 3-0 to Chelsea is another. It paints a picture of a completely one sided game in which Arsenal created zero. No-one will remember the disallowed goal or penalty that should have been given to Arsenal in the second-half. Instead, they will look at the 3-0 scoreline and say that Arsenal were Chelsea’s bitch.

On Saturday, Arsenal ended a three game losing streak by beating Stoke City 2-0. It should have been more. A missed penalty, a goal line clearance, a crossbar and good goalkeeping meant that Stoke’s racist fans went home not too embarrassed.

True not all of Stoke’s fans are racist, just a minority. But a report by Arsenal Times makes interesting reading:


Back in the early 1990’s when I was deciding on what university to apply to, I visited Keele University, close to where to Stoke is. I took a tour of the university, met with professors, and then took a visit to Stoke. I couldn’t get away fast enough. The place was full of pasty white, malnourished, Reebok wearing Chavs with too much time on their hands. Downtown Stoke was full of 16 year old girls with dark eyes, pushing strollers and prams with cigarettes drooping from their mouths.

The place was a fucking shithole.

Arsenal are away for their next three games. The game in Greece is really a reserve game. Diaby, Walcott, Ramsey, Vela, Silvestre and Fabianski will start. The two games after Athens are in the north-west of England. Liverpool and Burnley. On paper, these are games that we should win. Liverpool are off form but they showed against Manchester United that on their day they can beat anyone. Aqualani is likely to start for Liverpool who are fighting for fourth place.

Burnley are a Jekyll and Hyde team. Away from Turf Moor, they are crap having gained only one point on their travels. But in front of their home fans they’re a different proposition with only one defeat and five wins including a victory over Manchester United.

If Arsenal can get six points from the cold north-west then they are back in the title race. Any defeats will see them scrapping with Manchester City, Spurs, Villa, and Liverpool for fourth spot.

Yesterday, I watched Everton come back from the dead to draw with Spurs 2-2 in the last ten minutes. In the last minute, Spurs missed a penalty. I don’t normally watch other teams in the Premiership, but this game proved to be a classic. Spurs must be gutted. They know they threw the win away, which makes me fucking happy.

Last word: Almunia was shocking on Saturday

Next game Olympiacos (9 pm Eastern time Fox Soccer Channel)

Keep it Arsenal

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