One of Arsene Wenger’s best ever signings is Mikael Silvestre. Yes, the man who most Arsenal fans think is passed it. You know, that average center-back/cart horse who Wenger signed on a free from the scum called Manchester United. A man who used to mouth off to the press about Arsenal during the 2002/03 season.

Let’s face it, Silvestre is average at best. He’s just happy to see out his contract that sees him set for life.

But there is another side to Silvestre that the fans don’t see.

His influence on the young Arsenal players.

It’s no coincidence that Silvestre was the only senior pro to be asked to play in Athens. Silvestre has been the link that Wenger has missed since Henry left. His eyes and ears in the dressing room since Wenger sacked Gallas from being Captain.

That hurt Gallas’s pride. But Gallas is such a great professional that he never allowed his disappointment to surface or affect his game. In fact Gallas held Arsenal together in the middle of last season. His form was immense and went unreported. It was a massive blow to Arsenal when he injured his knee ligaments against Villarreal in the first leg of the Champions League quarter final.

Had Gallas played in the semi-final against Manchester United, I think Kieran Gibbs would have been mentally tougher and the result a more positive one for Arsenal.

Gallas was never liked by the young mob of Fabregas, Clichy, Hleb, and Flamini. They thought Gallas was arrogant, aloof, and critical. Gallas thought they were cocky and disrespectful. Now with Silvestre around things are different. The younger players like Silvestre. They don’t see him as a threat like they do with Gallas. In fact, they seek advice from Silvestre – ranging from advise on agents, transfers and more importantly defending. Kieran Gibbs is apparently a keen student of Silvestre. Ditto French youngsters like Francis Coquelin and Gilles Sunu.

Silvestre now recommends French youngsters to join Arsenal over Manchester United because he is so impressed by Wenger’s set-up.

Wenger is so impressed by the life coaching skills of Silvestre when talking to the youngsters that he’s done a rethink. He’s now decided that he needs more experienced players like Gallas and Silvestre. Vieira fits the bill, but I think the move would ruin what great memories I have of the man.

But a Diarra at Real Madrid would be the type of player that fits what we need. Wenger, however, has stated that he’s looking for a striker. This is understandable especially with the latest set back to Bendtner who is out until the New Year.

But the position that scares me the most is the goalkeeper. Having Almunia is a fucking disgrace to Arsenal Football Club. Every time Rory Delap threw the ball into Arsenal’s penalty area I had my head in my hands. Almunia would punch the ball like an old lady trying to swat flies with her newspaper.

Fucking pathetic.

Something needs to be done about our goalkeeping situation because Arsenal are not going to win the Premiership or the Champions League with Almunia in goal.

Keep it Arsenal


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